Are you a racist? Let’s take a quick and easy test.

With racial tensions at an all-time high in this country many people are wondering, “am I racist”?  Or, “am I becoming a racist”?

There are also plenty of people telling Americans that they are; but most have something to “sell” you.

But let’s just take a quick little test and you can grade yourself.

You and a friend are enjoying a walk down the street in your city late one evening after enjoying a movie.  When up ahead you spy a group of young black teenagers dressed in hoodies coming your direction on the opposite side of the street.

You can feel the thump of the bass from the music coming from the boom box one of them is carrying on their shoulder. One of them is caring something in his right hand and several of them have something written on the front of their sweatshirts.

As they get closer they begin to push and shove each other and laugh.  Then suddenly they start across to your side of the street.

Are you a racist? How fast is your heart beating?


As they get closer you can make out the writing on the sweatshirts.  One says “Trinity High” and another says “Jesus Saves”.

You can now clearly see what was in the right hand of the biggest teenager.  You recognize it as being the Holy Bible.

Finally, as they get closer your ear begins to understand the words blaring from the radio and realize it is being broadcast from the local Christian Radio Station.

Are you a racist?  What’s your heart rate now?

Are they not still rowdy black teenagers wearing hoodies on a dark street.  What has changed? Have you changed?

Something has changed, and that is that you now have an insight to their soul, their culture and their values.

People confuse color and culture all the time.   Most Americans, though not all, are not prejudiced against skin color but against a damaging and destructive culture.  And make no mistake, those that are fearful of that culture come in all colors.  Why?  Because it’s a culture that destroys peoples lives no matter what their color race or creed.

The vast majority of Americans are not racist. It’s time to grade your own paper and take note of your test score.